Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I use concrete instead of another countertop surface? How does it compare?

    Concrete is the most versatile building material in the world, and together with its expressive capabilities, it has become a preferred choice for designers in all settings, both commercial and residential. Visit our Why Concrete? page for a more detailed answer.

  • What are the advantages of concrete?

    Fiberglass reinforced (GFRC) Concrete is the most flexible building material available, and with our process, we can achieve almost any look you desire. It is fully customizable with shapes, colors and integrated sinks, and is one of the most durable materials available. Each piece is one of a kind, so you get an individual piece unlike anything else you will find. It is handcrafted in the USA, and not imported from foreign countries like most marble and granite. It is environmentally safe, and labeled a GREEN product. The color will not fade in sunlight, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor use (unlike Quartz which will fade outdoors).

  • Where can concrete be used?

    Concrete countertops can be used both indoor and outdoor. Applications include, but are not limited to: kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor kitchens, tables, fire pits, fire tables, backsplashes, benches, hearths, and any other piece of furniture you wish to have.

  • What are the design options with concrete?

    If you can imagine it, we can make it. Designs can be modern, rustic, or anything in between.

  • What colors are available, and how do I pick my color?

    Literally any color is available. We have standard combinations to choose from, or you can look at our concrete color chart to make your own color combinations. Each color will have some different shades and tones due to the process we use. We can match colors if you have a sample of your paint, cabinet door or stone backsplash.

  • What edge profiles are available?

    We have over 30 edge profiles available, from the standard bullnose edges to an intricate grapevine edge.

  • How do I maintain my concrete?

    Wash countertops down with a daily stone cleaner that is non-abrasive. It is also beneficial to use a polish once a year to help maintain the look of the surface.

  • Can it scratch and stain?

    The concrete is stain resistant and abrasive resistant, and our concrete needs to be maintained similar to granite so normal household use will not scratch your surface.

  • Can I put hot pots on the surface?

    Concrete can withstand heat, however there is a heat threshold of 300 degrees F. It is recommended you use a hot plate to prevent any damage to the sealer or cause any discoloration or staining.

  • How strong is it?

    Concrete is very durable.

  • What is the technical info? Thickness, weight and strength?

    The standard thickness is 2”, and it weighs about the same as a 1-1/4” piece of granite, which is around 15 lbs per square foot. It has a breaking point of 7000psi, which is stronger than your driveway, and is made using lightweight concrete and fiberglass reinforcements. On large overhangs, we can also add steel rebar for added strength.

  • What technique is used? Is it cast on site?

    We use a flip form casting method, so we cast in our shop, and bring the finished piece to the job site for installation.

  • Will it crack?

    No, and we have a lifetime crack warranty. Please visit our Care & Warranty page for more information.

  • What finishes and textures are available?

    The tops have a texture similar to a leather finish, and some parts of the piece have deeper texture than others. We have a satin or polished finish as well as a high gloss finish. You can also choose to have a smoother surface if desired. Each piece is individually made to your specifications so you have the freedom of choice on every piece.

  • Is there a minimum job size?

    No. We will make a custom piece for something as small as a 30” vanity. If your job is smaller than 3 square feet, there may be a delay in production time.

  • Will there be seams? How big can a piece be without seams?

    The maximum dimensions for a solid top is 8' x 4'. Anything larger will have a seam, but the seam is not straight-cut that would be more noticable to the naked eye. Our seams are a jagged, irregular cut that matches the color of the top, so it is integrated into the overall design.

  • Do I need extra support for my cabinets?

    No. We are the same weight as granite and other stone surfaces, so normal cabinets will support our concrete.

  • Do I need supports for an overhang?

    Not usually, unless the overhang extends over two feet. We can strengthen our concrete top with steel rebar to help support the overhang depending on your individual piece.

  • How long does it take to create one of our concrete countertops?

    A standard countertop will be installed two weeks after the day you approve your template.

  • What is the process if I want to order a concrete countertop?

    Give us a call at 813-820-9015 to set up an appointment for us to come meet you at the install site, or to schedule a visit to our Tampa showroom. You can send us a drawing or dimensions via our contact page and we will contact you with an estimate.

  • What are the prices of your concrete countertops?

    Each piece is priced per job, but a standard countertop in a kitchen or bathroom is similar to the price of quartz products or level 3 granite.

  • Are your countertops eco-friendly?

    Yes, it is a GREEN product that is 100% recyclable!

  • What is the difference between Stonecrete USA countertops and polished concrete?

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